Girt By Sea, A Modern Day Photographic Odyssey by Tony Hewitt and Denis Glennon

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Tony Hewitt and Denis Glennon have spent 31 days following the nation’s coastlines by air. This unique showcase comprises a stunning collection of 100 large-format aerial images of Australia’s coastline. “Girt by Sea started as an ambitious dream and now it’s a lived experience," Hewitt says. “More than that, the collection means that we can now hold the understanding of those three words in our hands.”

“The collection expresses what Girt by Sea means to us – it’s the emotional response to what we saw a point in time captured in beautiful, large-format images,” says Denis Glennon. “It’s the result of our daily decision to focus on what we actually find, not on what we expect to find – that’s the spirit of exploration!”

The 34,213km journey mirrors the exploration of the intrepid first explorers and their record of largely inhospitable regions. Because like those 19th century wanderers, Hewitt and Glennon did not set out with a neatly packed agenda – rather, they worked reactively, guided by what they discovered.

“I hope people share the same emotional response of ‘Wow – look at that!’ that we did when we encountered these places,” says Tony Hewitt. “It doesn’t really matter where it is. What is so striking is the texture, colour, and shape of our coastline. We have in our minds a hard line dividing land from sea, but it’s actually a much more fluid transition.”

The latest in a series of major collaborations for Canon Australia, Canon Australia’s Director of Consumer Imaging, Jason McLean says that they're extremely proud of what they have been able to achieve together with some of the most creative minds in Australia.