Marc Baptiste Nudes

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Inspired by the international media flurry surrounding his most recent nude portraiture, Marc Baptiste has branched out from a successful fashion photography career to explore an unflinching and fresh perspective of female nude portraiture. Picking up where he left off in Beautiful and Intimate , Baptiste's unique vision effortlessly walks the line between pinup and journalistic, delicate and frank, and his work is as provocative as ever. Moving seamlessly between color and black-and-white photography, and featuring women of all kinds, the portraits, which employ Baptiste's all-access credibility, include photographs of such celebrities as singer Kelis, and actress Gabrielle Union, Kimberly Stewart, and Devon Aoki, among others. Baptiste's work explores a quiet eroticism while still maintaining the cinematic power of his acclaimed fashion work. Nudes illustrates Baptiste's passionate, intelligent, and seductive approach to capturing the essence of femininity and his art is a paean to his ideas of timeless beauty.