REsearch 'The Torture Garden': Octave Mirbeau

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Published by: Re/Search publications, 1989: London

Condition: Very Good

Octave Mirbeau's famously rare 1989 classic novel, The Torture Garden, once described as "the most sickening work of art of the nineteenth century."

"There is an allegory about the hypocrisy of European 'civilisation' and about the 'Law of Murder'. There is also a denunciation of bloody French and British colonialism and a ferocious attack on what Mirbeau saw as the corrupt morality of bourgeois capitalist society and the state, which he believed were based on murder.

But Mirbeau's multiple transgressions of the rules of verisimilitude and his disregard for novelistic convention confuse the issue of the novel's genre affiliation and leave open the question of the author's moral message, leaving the readers of today in a state of wonderment, perplexity, and shock."

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