Antonio Soria Flamenco Cantante - LIVE at Grand Days

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It feels like a lifetime ago but if you were there you'd remember it like yesterday. A sweltering and still Thursday night In February 2019. A mesmerised and packed room. The rapid staccato plucking and strumming of nylon guitar strings. The guttural and piercing power of a lone ululating baritone voice. Flamenco! Cadiz? Malaga? Seville? Madrid? No, Kings Cross (or Woolloomooloo as the map tells us). There have been plenty of great shows at Grand Days since then; Dan Kelly, JP Shilo, The New Graces,  Mick Daley and Toby Martin to drop a few names but the first of the 2019 "Grand Nights" will always be a standout. 

Flamenco is an art form like no other. It is the legacy of the Gypsies, a people who over centuries travelled from North India through Anatolia, Egypt and the Caucasus, Eastern and Central Europe and France before finally settling in Moorish Southern Spain: Andalusia. Like the blues flamenco is the pure expression of love, loss, passion, longing and celebration. A guitar, a voice, clapping hands, a dancer. How can so little say so much?
This month on Sunday 30th May Grand Days is excited to announce the return of legendary flamenco singer Antonio Soria and his accompanying guitarist Jeremy Lloyd. 
Antonio landed in Sydney from Andalusia in the mid 1970s. Already an established artist in Spain he decided to seek his fortune across the globe and has been refining  his craft ever since. Great artists get better with age; their talent is distilled and refined to its pure essence. Listening to Antonio is to hear the history of not only his own contribution to the form but that of the different regions, masters and traditions of flamenco. We hope you can join us for what will be an amazing evening of music and dance.
Tickets are limited so be sure not to miss out! 



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